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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


1)   If my car doesn’t start, how do I know for sure that my battery needs replacement?

       Many other problems can keep a car from starting. It is advisable to do some troubleshooting. If your vehicle has starting problems or needs a push start, there is a possibility that your vehicle battery has a problem    (either weak or defective). Check  www.rubyagencies.com.


2)   While replacing the battery or cleaning the terminals, why is it important to remove the groundwire first?

       Before you start, always check the type of grounding system the vehicle has. If you remove the positive connector first in a negative ground system, a spark may be created in 

       the process. It could happen if the metal tool  you're using to remove the positive terminal connector comes in contact with any piece of metal in the car. If you are working near 

       the battery when this occurs, it might create fire source causing the battery to explode. 


3)   What causes a battery to fail?

        Heat, vibration, maintenance, ageing and malfunctioning vehicle electrical systems are the largest contributors to battery failures. Remember: Never use a battery with a CCA lower than the manufacturer's    recommendation. Also, whenever available, a battery with a higher CCA is more capable of providing for the electrical needs of older vehicles, and will not adversely affect the vehicle's electrical system.

4)   What should I consider when buying a battery?

          Size: The dimension of the old battery

          Power: The AH Capacity at C20 RATING?

          Warranty: Automotive batteries are backed by a warranty package. Choose one that is right for your vehicle's needs

5)    What can excessive heat do to my battery: Hot temperatures will deteriorate a battery's life quicker by evaporating the water from the electrolyte, and corroding and 

        weakening the positive grids, and also increases the shedding of active material?

6)    What should I do to maintain my automotive Battery: Modern automotive batteries need little attention? If your battery has removal vents, checking the water level and adding distilled water as necessary to maintain the    level at the bottom of the vent wells will help extend the life of the battery. (Be careful never to overfill, as this will cause acid to be expelled from the vents during normal battery cycling.) Check both terminals regularly for    corrosion and tight connections. (If necessary, clean with baking soda and water.)


7)   Top up: Use only distilled water for top-ups and do not overfill.


8)   Though all our batteries are eco friendly & maintaince free, few precautions would further ensure better life.


a)    Periodically check the voltage regulator output as over and under charging can be harmful to the battery. Batteries may be Zero maintenance but the vehicle auto electrical    

         system requires periodical maintenance/check-ups.

b)    In case of maintenance-free (MF, Zero Maintenance with Openable Vent) batteries, vent plugs can be opened with a rupee coin.

c)     To protect the batteries from damage, recharge at recommended current (amps) only.

d)    Do not keep normal batteries idle for more than 3-4 weeks and MF batteries idle for more than 10-12 weeks.

e)    Do not operate or charge battery if electrolyte temperature exceeds 60 o C.

f)     When charging, ensure that the current is not more than 1/20 of the rated AH capacity.

g)    Put the correct capacity of battery in the vehicle to get the best performance.

h)    When placing battery, ensure that it is secured firmly in the cradle.

i)     Always keep terminals and clamps clean and grease-free and never hammer down the clamps.

j)     Ensure that the clamps are always firmly tightened.

k)    Make sure the connecting cables are fixed to the correct poles. (first +ve to +ve then -ve to -ve)

l)     Apply petroleum jelly on the terminal cable clamps but never apply grease.


 9)  Recycling a Battery

      Disposal of batteries is an environmental concern. Hence we should adhere to disposal procedure.

      Do not dispose old/scrap batteries in trash.

      Take the Old/Scrap Batteries to  www.rubyagencies.com and exchange it with a new battery. We promise to give maximum price for your old/scrap battery.